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Comments by Bastien Vandamme (Top 19 by date)

Bastien Vandamme 2-Feb-21 22:10pm View    
Agree. But this one is not in propositions. This is why string is better than void. So I selected A. But D is also correct. A compiler compile it.
Bastien Vandamme 16-Apr-15 23:48pm View    
Not so easy. I have a great logic and capacity to build system but I have problem with definitions and theory. I don't know the name of the patterns because most of the time I create them by using my logic. When you are in an Interview this doesn't help. You need to talk with the correct definitions. You act exactly like my interviewers. Because I ask a basic question you think I know nothing. I learned object with Java and some concept in .NET like boxing/unboxing are not really object oriented and if I understand the concept I'm just mixing the two word together. Interviews are a nightmare for me.
Bastien Vandamme 6-Apr-15 4:11am View    
But I really want to know. I agree with you. It is not a correct question which have any rights to exist, this is a stupid multiple-choice game. But it is also a question I had during an Interview.
Bastien Vandamme 5-Apr-15 11:44am View    
This question is not so basic. I ask it on smarterer and I only get 25% of correct answer.
Bastien Vandamme 5-Apr-15 11:16am View    
Yeah Google also use the word "encapsulating". That why I ask the question here. I prefer an answer with "convert". Sry I don't understand this notion of encapsulating.