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beljk 29-Jun-16 13:50pm View    
Employee that told client product offers and if client interested in the product then employee will end the call with client and tell client we will continue the order by using WhatsApp to send him products images then the same employee will call another client and make this steps again .. Other employee will contact the interested clients by using WhatsApp and complete the order .. I want to know this two employee that first one make a call and other employee complete the order because every one will get commission 50% for each one of two employee
beljk 15-Mar-15 13:22pm View    
there is no api .. only i need to press buttons in viber but programmatically from a new windows form
beljk 15-Mar-15 12:16pm View
beljk 17-Jan-15 9:07am View    
i check the insta api but i don't understand it so anyway i want a sample code to check a lot of accounts in loop
beljk 10-Dec-14 9:37am View    
whats steps to publish app to exe