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merano99 yesterday View    
Glad to hear that it now works as desired and you have learned something from which you will benefit in the future. That's the way it should be! Thanks for accepted solution and the stars.
merano99 4 days ago View    
Are you sure you really want to recommend scanf("%s", stringVariable);?
merano99 4 days ago View    
5+; very nice, thanks for mentioning
merano99 5 days ago View    
Since you can't specify the buffer size with gets() too long user input would quickly overwrite something, I would suggest fgets().

In addition, the gets() function is no longer supported by current compilers for these reasons as well. [NOTE: This function is no longer available in C or C++ (as of C11 & C++14)]
merano99 20-Mar-23 13:52pm View    
If my post was helpful, I would appreciate rating it and marking it as a solution.