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Comments by Braj_12 (Top 16 by date)

Braj_12 25-Oct-13 7:46am View    
U can add CheckBoxes in one column n onSelectedIndexChanged u can enable or disable the button.
Braj_12 25-Oct-13 4:58am View    
So,u mean to say, focus should go on to the next selected checkbox's textbox..
Braj_12 25-Oct-13 4:52am View    
Why Should on 4th TextBox....Please explain little bit more your problem.
Braj_12 19-Mar-13 6:07am View    
I am adding these dynamic controls on form load in panel1 and on click of button i can find all the controls.
Braj_12 19-Mar-13 5:37am View    
You want to resize your frame or Div.?