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Comments by supernorb (Top 153 by date)

supernorb 10-May-13 11:54am View    
Wow, this is really worth trying. I even didn't think about this. But now I'm still a beginner programmer. I will use this solution when I'm a professional programmer. Thank you for the suggestion.
supernorb 1-May-13 7:39am View    
I didn't think this question of mine could be answered by someone. Well, it's a long time ago. I chose the Second (#2) method in my list mentioned in my question for my application (a Simple Paint like MS Paint) and it seemed to work OK. I just asked this question to seek for a better solution if it does exists. I can see that your idea is great. If calculating carefully and combine with the second method of mine, they can improve the memory issue much. Thanks for sharing. However, I may try this in another project of mine. The project which I was working on when asking this question was already done successfully (I think so). :)
supernorb 26-Apr-13 13:38pm View    
The Column HeaderText is easy to set, but the Row HeaderText is something new, I think it's not headerText, it's like header text and it's just the first column of your DataGridView. If so, your job is not too hard to do, the remaining problem is how you fetch your data for each table, it's a query related problem.
supernorb 26-Apr-13 13:03pm View    
Wow, too much code, I bet you have to wait for a long time before anyone considering your code and give some answer.
supernorb 26-Apr-13 13:00pm View    
Can't understand exactly what you want, however I don't want to vote you down :), even I want to give you my vote of 5 now =))