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Comments by vasanthkumarmk (Top 142 by date)

vasanthkumarmk 4-Aug-21 11:00am View    
Kindly provide code model it would help me.
vasanthkumarmk 4-Aug-21 10:59am View    
When I deseralize using List of keyvalue pair, the second json array looks correct order [0] => key = Name; Value=Vasanthakumar etc....
But the first json array looks [0] => [0][1] => key = key; Value = Name;
key = value; value = Vasanthakumar etc...
vasanthkumarmk 18-Mar-21 9:19am View    
Thanks!!! Instead of redirecting to previous page, I need to get entire url for previous page.
vasanthkumarmk 26-Aug-20 6:10am View    
Great!!!! Thanks for your help!!!
vasanthkumarmk 26-Aug-20 4:52am View    
Thanks for reply... This value passing from InstallShield UI to C# Code. Default it returns these null values. IS its expected mentioned in forum.