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Comments by Nandakishore G N (Top 200 by date)

Nandakishore G N 14-Oct-14 1:26am View    
Nidhi, Try to change web.config in
system.web -> httpruntime executiontimeout="900000" (give maximum in seconds) maxrequestlength="1048576" (in kb)
because, allows only 4MB max by default.
Nandakishore G N 13-Oct-14 10:37am View    
It is not the problem of your code. You contact your admin to allow/give access for you to send mail or host your application in server and check, it'll work.
Nandakishore G N 22-Sep-14 1:36am View    
Paste, what have you done till now?
Nandakishore G N 22-Sep-14 1:35am View    
No need of concatenation in server side . Its better you can use ajax calls and receive your list to design side.
Refer this link, It may help you
Nandakishore G N 11-Sep-14 10:20am View    
Paste , what have you done till now?