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kurtiniadiss 16-Nov-12 6:23am View    
excellent! thank you so much:)
kurtiniadiss 16-Nov-12 5:54am View    
Thank you very much OriginalGriff it works perfectly for floating point numbers, but there is one more problem. I want integers to be included in this control, I forgot to add them into the question :(
kurtiniadiss 15-Jul-12 3:47am View    
Hi Rene,
Thanks for your response:) The old web app was developed in 1.1 VS 2003 and the new one will be 4.0 and VS 2010. I also have a database server with oracle db. I do not have any experience on these topics, do you have any suggestion links, tutorials, examples on that topic?
Best regards
kurtiniadiss 14-Jul-12 18:36pm View    
Yes it will be the most suitable solution. Do you have any useful links, examples of that topic?
kurtiniadiss 14-Jul-12 12:11pm View    
I do not have chance to shutdown my web site since there exist development on it. I have to design such a system in which any user should not understand the change of servers while changing pages. Since I have to plan to hold some pages in 2003 server and some of pages in 2010 server.