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SMD111 23-Sep-14 17:18pm View    
>>It is not related to Windows API.
I use API function calls only, that is what I meant.
>>There is nothing supporting PDF in Windows.
I perfectly understand what you mean.
>>You need some 3rd-party code.
Exactly! I need 3-rd party code in the form of a DLL but cannot find one, only ActiveX...
SMD111 23-Sep-14 16:36pm View    
I just love it how you used the word "us"!
Anyway, in other words, if you know the answer, it would be nice to offer it. But if you don't know the answer (what is the clear case with you here), why bother to waste electricity and contaminate somebody's post with verbal garbage?
SMD111 23-Sep-14 16:12pm View    
I thought this forum existed for people to be able to get a useful advise, not useless smart-ass remarks.
I'll be patient.
All information I am seeing on the topic can be divided into the following categories:
1) Using .NET, C# and the likes... I specified pure WinAPI in my question.
2) Using separate PDF converter/creator applications and ShellExecute() calls to those applications from C code. Cheap.
3) Using ActiveX libraries. I have never used those with C projects and don't see reliable tools to extract their functionality into a DLL.
SMD111 23-Sep-14 15:12pm View    
I am doing that now.
SMD111 21-Mar-14 14:25pm View    
Good idea, thank you. I coded it today and it works.
In case it helps somebody, I am putting a snapshot of the code in the "solutions" section.