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Comments by voloda2 (Top 41 by date)

voloda2 24-Feb-12 17:53pm View    
it works for both. if you want dynamic behavior just use:
a myVar;
voloda2 24-Dec-11 3:30am View    
Yes, thank you. But I still cannot see any benefit of functional version in C#.

OOP version gives you clean overview what is expected on visitor's side. So if you implement any subsequent visitors, you always know what you should do. Which is lost here.
voloda2 22-Dec-11 17:07pm View    
Is this really the visitor pattern? I've seen once its nice usage and it was significantly different.
voloda2 10-Jun-11 5:48am View    
How is your NET_COMPUTER_NAME_TYPE structure defined?
voloda2 28-Mar-11 3:53am View    
Yes that is. But based on problem specification (encryption of huge amount of data) basically correct and describes how it works using encryption standards (you simply encrypt random symetric key for whathever algorith you want, using asymetric alg). Using RSA for whole bunch of data in my eyes is just wasting of resources - additionaly you can use a library which will do whole process for you (OpenSSL, .NET, CryptoAPI) ...

But I'm not as smart as @SA is...