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Comments by Waqas Ahmad Abbasi (Top 24 by date)

Waqas Ahmad Abbasi 27-Jun-14 5:47am View    
thanks for reply. this is only for charts, i need both detail reports + charts
Waqas Ahmad Abbasi 2-Jun-14 5:42am View    
Thanks alot. accepting your solution and 5 votes from my side.
Problem was script path which i mentioned in default.html was ok, but these files have dependent scripts file and they were in different folder. checked in google chrome console and found problem files.
Thanks alot for your time and support :)
Waqas Ahmad Abbasi 2-Jun-14 4:26am View    
checked path, no issue found in path
Waqas Ahmad Abbasi 2-Jun-14 3:36am View    
yes it was different Jquery version, but i have updated with same jquery version now they are using but still getting same error. no other error is coming except this one.
Waqas Ahmad Abbasi 2-Jun-14 2:22am View    
I have followed every step they have provided.
I checked properties of $("#viewer"). and didn't find any method with name igReportViewer.