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MNMR 11-Mar-12 12:20pm View    
Ok, now it clearer a little. I'll test. Thank you. But what about this stream to show in screen?
MNMR 11-Mar-12 12:13pm View    
Ok, thanks for your observation, maybe global and local declaration is error my prone programming style. I can correct it. But when I try to read from file my object method man.getName(); I get the same error, maybe it's read anyway from object, but not from file?
MNMR 11-Feb-12 12:25pm View    
A big thank to you Emilio! Now it's clearer! Your hard work to explain is really value!!! By the way, string library and string type work perfect!
MNMR 5-Feb-12 6:39am View    
MNMR 14-Jan-12 16:09pm View    
Thanks :) You really helped to me!!! Btw your links are very useful!