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Moonwalker031 18-Apr-11 4:52am View

Here is a link of a chart doing exactly what I need. So can WPF Toolkit chart do the same - ie labels next to each point or inside of each point? Or is there any other free chart which supports labels even if it shows a watermark like Visiblox?
Moonwalker031 17-Apr-11 20:13pm View

From this link it is clear that Visiblox charts give the best performance. Since I need my chart to update in less than 50ms I went straight for Visiblox. It was later that I discovered that it does not support Text labels for the Data points.
WPF Toolkit Charts were the worst in performance so I did not even consider them.

What I am looking for is a Scatter / Point Chart where I could add Labels next to each point.
Moonwalker031 12-Apr-11 18:37pm View    
Ok thanks again for your help. I will need to study threading in detail first then attempt to recode it.
Moonwalker031 12-Apr-11 4:41am View    
I'm not asking you for the code m8. Just for the idea of the separate thread.
The click event should start the serial thread right? But should the serial thread also update the textblock or I need a separate thread for that too?
Moonwalker031 11-Apr-11 19:08pm View    
Thanks but as I said I am a very beginner in WPF and I code more like C than C# WPF. I still cannot grasp the idea of the separate thread.
My function needs to do the following -

loop several times
fill TX buffer
send TX buffer to serial port
write TX buffer to textblock
wait until there are 11 characters in the RX buffer (or timeout)
read RXbuffer from serial port
write RX buffer to textblock
check if RX data is good or not
wait 100ms
repeat loop

I dont need my application to be active while running the above function but I need it to update the textblock with the serial TX/RX data.