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Comments by Alen Toma (Top 5 by date)

Alen Toma 21-Oct-18 20:35pm View    
Did my answer solv your problem ? then mark it as answer
Alen Toma 20-Oct-18 22:34pm View    
And after
if (foundIndex != -1)
text = text.Insert(foundedIndex, "your text after the bracket")
you should write the text to the file and not elf
Alen Toma 20-Oct-18 22:32pm View    
i cant see what the error says
Alen Toma 5-Jun-17 13:59pm View    
Well! would you be kind and provide an example please?
Alen Toma 12-Jan-16 7:08am View    
well exakt...
I only have access to the DLL, svc and web config files. Different WCF may have same app setting index with different values and there is the problem here.
i could load WCF config file to the main application but because the service is generic so it wont really work either.
So i may need to start an instance of service for each service and have a windows form application that will keep an eye to all consule services.
please do tell if you have a better solution do this problem!