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Comments by Paul Hildebrandt (Top 8 by date)

Paul Hildebrandt 10-Apr-14 15:10pm View    
I need to get the ellipse with its centerpoint and radii, not just draw the graphics.
Paul Hildebrandt 6-Feb-11 18:37pm View    
Yup, after I rebooted everything the breakpoints in the event handlers now stop the code. My guess is the VSTA which works behind Revit Architecture might not be as stable as it could be yet. Very frustrating but hopefully this post will spare others that frustration.
Paul Hildebrandt 5-Feb-11 21:18pm View    
Hehe, now I go back and try it again and the debugging works fine. I guess the next time something mystical happens I reboot the computer and put away the voodoo doll.
Paul Hildebrandt 5-Feb-11 13:26pm View    
I know the event is firing and being called properly. I added a Messagebox.Show() call to double check that. The code in the event handler is being executed but the breakpoints in the handler are ignored for some reason but not elsewhere.
Paul Hildebrandt 5-Feb-11 0:28am View    
Below is the code I use to add a new "Project" row:

<pre>ProjectCommander.ProjectRow row = projectCommander.Project.NewRow() as ProjectCommander.ProjectRow;
row["ProjectID"] = _projectName;
row["LastChangeNotice"] = "none";
row["LastSiteInstruction"] = "none";
All the bound window components show the correct information just the writeXML is messed up.