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Orcun Iyigun 18-Aug-16 7:21am View    
Well put, awesome explanation!My 5:)
Orcun Iyigun 8-Aug-16 2:46am View    
You might consider looking up 3 SQL Server auditing features (Change Tracking, Change Data Capture and SQL Server Auditing)
Orcun Iyigun 9-Nov-15 10:22am View    
First of all, you have to be more clear and give more informative about your question. Is your second page is a popup page? If so, you have to reload your main(first) page after doing stuff on your second page?
Orcun Iyigun 11-Sep-15 10:33am View    
You are talking vaguely. You have to give some details. And do you know the magic tool called debugger? Have you used a breakpoint walk through your code?
Orcun Iyigun 24-Jul-15 8:31am View    
I don't know if your question is still valid. Yes you you can use that file path but somehow with that file path you have to convert the file content to byte array. Then you are good to go.