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Comments by AlexWang2010 (Top 3 by date)

AlexWang2010 13-Jul-15 16:30pm View    
After a few hours' frustration. Finally, and Finally you saved me. THANK YOU!!!

"Make sure your connection is not in proxy mode. In Windows 7 go to "Internet Options" in "Connection" tab click on "LAN Settings" and uncheck everything."
AlexWang2010 16-Feb-15 12:35pm View    
Thanks Dave for your reply. I guess the Geo-IP service has no way to identify the domain controller to get a location from there?
AlexWang2010 13-Feb-15 12:34pm View    
I tried it on a Windows 8 desktop with a wired connection, but it returns UNKNOWN location. I have made sure that the Location Service was turned on and the Location Provider was shown under Device Manager\Sensor. What could be wrong? Here are the C# codes.