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paleGegg0 23-Feb-12 4:28am View    
Thanks for your time and comprehensive answer :)
paleGegg0 22-Feb-12 5:26am View    
a) I like first example outfile too, but decimal is an element not xml text which is must in my casa.
b) second example is generated without baseclass (serialization is in class itself)

in serialization i get error:

ystem.InvalidOperationException: There was an error reflecting type 'SerializeDecimal.MyClass2'. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot serialize object of type 'SerializeDecimal.MyClass2'. Consider changing type of XmlText member 'SerializeDecimal.MyClass2.MyDecimal' from System.Decimal to string or string array.
paleGegg0 22-Feb-12 4:22am View    
I updated question with example output to see the difference
paleGegg0 22-Feb-12 3:45am View    
Hi there and thanks for your time! It seems that your tip works just like my example above. It works until decimal as xmltext comes to be serialized...
paleGegg0 8-Dec-11 3:19am View    
Absolutely brilliant, saved my day :)!