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Salam6331 20-Sep-13 5:50am View    
both Authors and their books will come in alphabetically sorted and the book name will be followed by a number bullet.
Salam6331 20-Sep-13 5:48am View    
Hello Kajal204
I want to Show this in Any WPF control,not in HTML.
Where the list ill be like
1. Book1
2. Book2
1. Book1
2. Book2
1. Boook1
1. Book1
2. Book2
3. Book3
Salam6331 19-Sep-13 23:34pm View    
Hello Kajal204/ Matt T Heffron.
I have managed to create a list by the above classes, As you can see the prototype given above, I have to show its as an Ordered List. How can attach these item numbers in a control like ListBox,is it need to add another field in author to store the book number?
Salam6331 12-Jan-12 6:16am View    
thank you Wayne Gaylard for the quick response
thank you very much
Salam6331 12-Jan-12 6:16am View    
Is there any other way to hide these public fields from Intellisense?
Because when we are doing big projects we should have to keep all class libraries and project inside a single solution.