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Pritesh Aryan 29-May-14 9:52am View    
@Nirav Prabtani, i like your second link. in that link V1 and V2 are fixed in result column what should i do if it should be decided at Runtime means if main table has data between 24 month than result pivot table should have 24 column. if main table has data between 15 month than result pivot table should have 15 column. please elaborate how should it be achive. thanks for link
Pritesh Aryan 2-May-13 23:44pm View    
Thank you so much for answering... but one question...
the DLL whichi i have listed in my question will be placed from which .EXE executed.
so EXE will use that DLL. how can EXE will take 64 BIT DLL if i install 64Bit version of Office.?
Pritesh Aryan 10-Nov-12 1:53am View    
Thanks it helps me.....
Pritesh Aryan 31-Jul-12 6:37am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks ...i have the same problem it helps me...
thank you so much for posting
Pritesh Aryan 13-Jul-12 7:26am View    
but how is there any link or example? Thanks for answering...