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Comments by Shendor (Top 7 by date)

Shendor 8-Jun-11 12:19pm View    
The problem was not only with checkbox and actually it doesn't matter the column type is boolean or not.
Shendor 8-Jun-11 7:55am View    
in this case it always will return the new CustomCheckBox object, but I need to save its state (property isSelected() ), so it's not what I need
Shendor 8-Jun-11 5:55am View    
now it's clearer. I'll try it a little bit later
Shendor 8-Jun-11 5:37am View    
And how I am supposed to set this ID ? Just look at that code where I add renderer and editor.
This is not a solution, or perhaps I just didn't understand you.
Shendor 18-May-11 12:35pm View    
Thx, I'll try use it according your idea.