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Comments by SREENATH GANGA (Top 70 by date)

SREENATH GANGA 19-Feb-17 6:04am View    
Give the code you had done
SREENATH GANGA 13-May-15 1:53am View    
Did your second form opens after the first form? like when clicking on the picture box of first one or any other control on the form?
SREENATH GANGA 10-May-15 4:16am View    
sample code gives the solution thanks
SREENATH GANGA 5-May-15 12:58pm View    
its a format and display exception..its not getting stuck at any custom code
SREENATH GANGA 25-Feb-15 4:19am View    
Please try to give more details in the question bro , Please make clear whats your issue?..whether you are getting the dropdown of combobox on second click on the cell only or whether you are able to do some action on the combobox after double click only?