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Comments by ajay.raju531 (Top 10 by date)

ajay.raju531 30-May-23 2:51am View    
Thank you for your quick response, If word document contain oledb objects it is not showing properly. Showing red cross in that place.
ajay.raju531 9-Jun-22 14:23pm View    
hi, those are embedded OLEObjects.
ajay.raju531 8-Jan-13 1:21am View    
Thanks, Yes i am trying to upload image with out submit..
ajay.raju531 18-Jul-12 3:15am View    
Hi, thank you for your quick reply. its working only when id's are not same.. in my query i am using same id values.
ajay.raju531 18-Jul-12 3:13am View    
Hi karthik thank you for your quick reply. its working..