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Pranay Rana 3-Feb-15 7:43am View    
dont forget to upvote and accept answe r
Pranay Rana 3-Feb-15 7:00am View    
CommandArgument='<%# eval("MyRowId") %>' here myrowid is you database primary key column name
Pranay Rana 3-Feb-15 6:52am View    
no problem i removed my solution.....
Pranay Rana 3-Feb-15 6:43am View    
yes it true but missing point is 404 error which is not related to mvc and proper explanation of when to use httppost and when not to....
Pranay Rana 3-Feb-15 5:45am View    
no because prop1 is private variable you need to make it Protected...if you want to access it