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RedDk 15-Mar-23 13:05pm View    

Penguin - a PostgreSQL database server.
Dragon - a MySQL database server.

So, not even SQL Server. And as DK suggests, perhaps Oracle will have some facts you can subduct with the use of a ... what's that thing? Never mind. I forgot what I was going to say.
RedDk 1-Mar-23 12:43pm View    
Interesting ...
Three messages, ninety-three qa questions, eleven qa answers, and two-hundred nineteen comments. First of all, I'm not going to wade through this list of flags to find out why you've got a problem with the most basic of basic programming snafus. And second, well ... let's just say there's more reason here than there is in the first "of all".

Since this is not spam, perhaps you're only a chatbot
bot, and I've nothing to fear for posting answers that are comments and risking a downvote and a deduction of six points?
RedDk 25-Feb-23 14:08pm View    
Clearly, the answer on which the OP should bank.
RedDk 24-Feb-23 14:38pm View    
I suggest that HOWEVER you're using this module in your MAIN, you do whatever is required to compile an executable and then run the debugger with copious breakpoint and listing of variables. During that session you'll even be able to answer your own questions by typing in temporary variable and even do some basic arithmetic like accumulate sums. Whole equations such as "j<(n-1)-1" will have registration and if you observe in the interface, you'll even have access to binary conversions while "stepping through".
RedDk 22-Feb-23 13:20pm View    
... eyeah, Expresso: free (NOT!) ...