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Comments by Ron Anders (Top 83 by date)

Ron Anders 4-Sep-23 21:13pm View    
Well that all works nicely now and takes about 2 or 3 seconds to scour the whole lan. Thanks for all your guidence on this.
Ron Anders 3-Sep-23 13:41pm View    
Timeout is set to 1 or 1ms already, which seems to be the smallest possible value supported.
Ron Anders 27-May-22 8:48am View    
Ron Anders 6-Jul-20 13:34pm View    
I only got it to not generate and exception. So i haven't posted the "fix". It didn't work, just didn't die.

@ MadMyche

I put your code you posted into play. Very nice and very neat. thank you.
However after it is all said and done WHERE R=@Row generates the same: {"String or binary data would be truncated.\r\nThe statement has been terminated."} error as if we're am trying to assign. I'm not I am only wanting to update the record that matches the Row.

As for Row being a char: I initially had it as an int but the json stringify in the view nulled it so all I got for the row number was "". K, fine just to get this working so I can prove my thinking, be a varchar and we'll cast it over here in the controller for now. if you google this error, Every single return is an assignment issue. This is a comparison! Stupid SQL - which I claim in jest btw. :-)
Ron Anders 5-Jul-20 18:45pm View    
I'm familiar with the apostrphy problem and have it handled elsewhere.
I's also familier with SQL injection issues, this program is in the POC stage so I'm just taking the path of least resistance at this point.