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H.Brydon 3-Jun-15 22:42pm View    
I like your "golden apple" angle as well. :-)
H.Brydon 16-Feb-14 9:04am View    
That is somewhat like asking "I found a tail section from a crashed UFO. Can you help me rebuild it."
H.Brydon 10-Feb-14 0:19am View    
Not sure why you were downvoted; +5 from me to compensate.

This doesn't look like homework to me (and if it is, OP is not asking to do the work for him) so I don't see the reason for the downvote...
H.Brydon 10-Feb-14 0:10am View    
Sergey, I am impressed with the effort you took to answer a trifling question.

+5 for the effort...
H.Brydon 10-Feb-14 0:08am View    
What game are you playing exactly? You have done essentially nothing on the CodeProject website, except that you have asked 172 questions, 31 of them in the past week.

Every single one of the questions you have asked are easily answered by consulting with Google or doing some basic simple research with existing documentation.

You are clearly playing some sort of game here... just wondering what it is.