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Comments by Brisingr Aerowing (Top 12 by date)

Brisingr Aerowing 18-Mar-16 2:36am View    
I noticed that in the class definition, the name of the method is Get, but the definition below is named GetA, which should cause a compiler error like the one you see.
Brisingr Aerowing 28-May-15 18:31pm View    
Try it now
Brisingr Aerowing 28-May-15 17:17pm View    
Oh yeah. Forgot the second gets. Just change both gets to gets.chomp, and remove the what = what.chomp line (the bold one)
Brisingr Aerowing 28-May-15 11:15am View    
Brisingr Aerowing 27-May-15 22:48pm View    
I tried it and it doesn't stop. I am trying lowercasing the input string and comparing it with String.casecmp.