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DerekT-P 7-Nov-23 12:18pm View    
Thanks Richard; I suspected that might be the case! I'm aware just having ASP.Net installed includes that header. I was thrown by the ".asp" extension (indeed surprised to see it at all these days!). The site we're looking at "looks" modern and uses AJAX (which isn't incompatible with classic ASP of course) but just a bit concerned that under the hood it might be really ancient code...
DerekT-P 21-Jan-23 8:12am View    
Yep, I understand. I mean I'll go in manually every so often and empty out the sent folder. The issue is not so much that I don't want to keep a copy, but that I don't want the folder to hit the (any) storage limit, on what is otherwise an unmonitored email account.
DerekT-P 20-Jan-23 5:05am View    
Thanks Dave. The app sends emails via one of a number of different webservers (customer notices via one, staff via another and support a third) so I would prefer to keep it all the same code. I'll stick with SMTP and diarise a note to clear the SENT folder every 3 months. Why MS has to change the standard action of an SMTP send is beyond me.
DerekT-P 22-Nov-22 6:36am View    
Thanks Graeme. Going via WebAPI as per the first link you give looks like it "ought" to be do-able. Until you come to factor in all the WebForms goodness like MasterPages, Page inheritance, custom controls, session object and so on, that is.

As mentioned in another comment below, MS seem to be making web development harder, and requiring much greater breadth of knowledge. Perhaps it's no wonder there's such a multiplicity of 3rd party frameworks...
And when MS themselves say not to bother trying to migrate software from .Net Framework 5 to .Net Core... just mad. "Different enough that it makes Microsoft's point that you can't reasonably expect to migrate your ASP.NET MVC application to ASP.NET MVC Core."
DerekT-P 22-Nov-22 6:25am View    
Thank you Richard. I imagine there's no support for migrating WebForms as .Net Core doesn't support Webforms, so a direct "migration" isn't possible.

I'll take a look at the migration to Blazor; it's not something I know anything about, but that's true of Core, Framework 5, MVC and MVVM so whatever route we go I'll have a bit of a learning curve! :-)

What I am learning though is that all the WebForms replacements seem to require a lot more coding and basic "support" stuff from developers than WebForms, which looked after so much stuff. Seems MS are making development harder (particularly at the entry level) whilst also not providing a smooth "upgrade" path. (And yes, I realise I'm a way behind everybody at this point...)