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pietvredeveld 13-Nov-15 9:49am View    
What error do you get?
pietvredeveld 22-Oct-15 16:45pm View    
The solution will work. But note that the if (!Directory.Exists()) is not needed. Directory.CreateDirectory handles existing directories well. And it is a good idea to add exception handling. Also consider using the return value of Directory.CreateDirectory.
pietvredeveld 25-May-12 16:33pm View    
The SQL approach is not the problem. It is the way Excel displays numeric values.
Don't know how hard the 'without making any modifications in excel sheet' requirement is. When only values may be added, then the best guess is to find a Excel option to change the default display numeric values behaviour.
When no calculations are involved you can parse the values as alphanumeric values.

With the interop assemblies you are able to add some formatting to the numeric cells. But that is modifying the excel sheet. Probably no one will notice it, but still...
pietvredeveld 25-Apr-12 5:32am View    
Posting some code of what you have done, can help us to help you!
pietvredeveld 17-Apr-12 15:34pm View    
There is no ask for a whole program, just for a solution.