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glennPattonWork3 23-Apr-23 19:11pm View    
Okay, I had solved it myself and moved on, marked it as solved and then some genius comes up with a solution which wouldn't solve the issue and then tells me I don't understand the problem and I can't use the correct reply method (when I did!). This is the sort of rubbish that stated on Stack Overflow, we don't want CP over run by the same attitude.
glennPattonWork3 22-Apr-23 11:53am View    
I would normally but the Prehistoric rig (Approve for Window 2.0!) I was using object to that.
That bit is working now, Now to play with a realtime clock!
glennPattonWork3 22-Apr-23 11:49am View    
Okay, firstly doing a straight boolean check shows you have little idea of what I was trying to do, temperature is a floating point number, the simple boolean example you give will work for less than or greater than, but not a value inbetween which from your example would be handled by the else. I would suggest looking carefully before giving a scathing reply. Also by your lack of knowledge of Bit Boundary I would bet very careful giving that sort of reply.
glennPattonWork3 22-Apr-23 7:41am View    
Bit bounds checking not a bad idea...
glennPattonWork3 26-Mar-23 6:39am View    
Works, Thank You!