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Comments by Marius Bancila (Top 46 by date)

Marius Bancila 8-Jan-14 8:41am View    
Oh, lol. Thanks. :)
Marius Bancila 8-Jan-14 7:23am View    
No need to be sorry. We all learn and make mistakes. I don't know exactly what you try to do, however, it makes no sense to transform the key code input into a verbatim string, such as "up" or "left" to check it in another function. Why don't you just pass the KeyStroke to charpos_calculation() and check it against your UP_ARROW value instead of the string "up"?
Marius Bancila 8-Jan-14 4:48am View    
I'd be curious why was this answer downvoted to 1 star. I understand someone is not happy with it, but I'd like to know what's wrong with it.
Marius Bancila 22-Dec-13 17:34pm View    
How do you expect this gibberish to help us answering your question?
Marius Bancila 22-Dec-13 17:29pm View    
I have followed your instructions and built with VS2008 Team System on Windows 7. It works fine without the first column being black. So I suppose your problem is actually on Windows XP?