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Comments by Samir Ibrahim (Top 7 by date)

Samir Ibrahim 17-Apr-21 6:34am View : That will be a little hard since I give an example, but my actual need requite finding max depending on criteria so my actual manipulation is on the data
Samir Ibrahim 20-Feb-21 4:20am View    
@David Thank you for your replay and sorry for my late response. The first link is No, The second link I did not understand what they are suggesting (my lake of knowledge maybe). The third link contains exactly what I asked for.. Thanks
Samir Ibrahim 19-Aug-19 7:24am View    

The example given is for two database of the same engine..

I will check if it can be tweaked for two database of different engine.

Samir Ibrahim 19-Aug-19 3:32am View    
I downloaded the XPO ORM and checking how it work.

If I use it. I will end up creating class to handle the usage of 2 Data Model?
Samir Ibrahim 17-Aug-19 4:41am View    
Thank you for guiding.