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JoJo82 21-Jul-13 4:12am View    
That looks promising. Am still trying to understand tho.
What kind of permission is that? How do I set it programmatically?
Can you explain more, maybe some sample code if possible so that I can better understand it and know how to apply it.
JoJo82 21-Jul-13 3:48am View    
I did thought of that. However, due to the sensitivity of the information contained in the memorystream, i prefer not to save it to file if possible.
JoJo82 16-Jul-13 10:55am View    
Thanks.. at least i know now where to start. I guess my question is answered now.
JoJo82 15-Jul-13 20:06pm View    
I'm now at the very begining. My immediate task is to take XLSX1.xlsx and encrypt it.

Would I be on the right track if I were to follow the article and ? Which one would you recommend?

After I encrypt the file, would I be able to decrypt the file without saving it to hard disk? This is so that I can display the decrypted XLSX1.xlsx filestream in C# later.
JoJo82 15-Jul-13 12:43pm View    
Doing as what you suggest would be possible if we're in the initial stage. Currently we already have many XLSX1.xlsx type file which contains the formulas etc and it would take a very long time to convert it to C#. Besides, my colleague is the one that does the excel programming/formula. During the development and design stage, he use Microsoft Excel to design the XLSX1.xlsx. That is why he need to save in Excel format, because everything is done in Microsoft Excel. Now that he already has the formula, he needs it to be protected.

In the future, when he need to change the formula in XLSX1.xlsx, I will decrypt it back to normal Microsoft Excel type file so my colleague can do the necessary changes and then encrypt it back again before ship it to customer.

Hope you understand why I need to do it as what I've written in the above.. Because we're stuck.. And now I'm stuck with the job of figuring out how to program it in C#.

Hope somebody can advice me. Thanks.