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edyzakaria 9-Jan-11 21:01pm View    
Hi, Abhinav,

Thanks for your answer. I also thinking that WCF should be for the pass on layer by combining it with ASP.Net.
Only now is that my imagination about WCF still blur. By now I am reading some references and starting to got the image, only not exploring too far yet since references still talking about SOA.
Currently my thinking is like this schema :

SERVER (IIS/Others) <-- IN/OUT --> Internet (using WCF) <-- IN/OUT --> User/Intranet (Silverlight/WinForm/ASP.Net/Others)

Hope be able to implement it.

edyzakaria 6-Jan-11 1:23am View    
Ok, i have read some of WCF basic. it looks like some kind of service that can deliver data just like i imagined. i will try to spend more time reading it deeper. but can you helped me before that with these ?

a. does WCF hosted the same like ASP.Net, using IIS ? if yes is there certain version of IIS ? (no need to answer this. i know the answer already.)
b. my idea is that WCF will be the point where big process of data will be done. and Silverlight (or ASP.Net Webform) is where presentation will be done. can WCF do that ?

thank you.
edyzakaria 5-Jan-11 6:37am View    
hmm.. inspiring. i will try to read it first...
edyzakaria 14-Dec-10 22:24pm View    
I've read that, thank you.
But still not for me. When i explore about the commandname in msdn i also arrived at there. but not the thing that i want.
in the example showing that e.commandname submit doing something. that is the thing that i want to know from commandname Login.
but i also have considering that my question might be quite sensitive since looks like the logic behind that commandname "login" is not open.

So if anybody out there know that it is a "closed logic/code" please inform me. :)
edyzakaria 26-Nov-10 1:56am View