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Arun Jacob 29-Sep-11 1:45am View    
You can simply check in files into source control and it won't get automatically added into the project in case of Web Application. But for Website its not like that since it is based on file.
Let me know your comments.
Arun Jacob 28-Sep-11 8:20am View    
Please try to be more specific
Arun Jacob 28-Sep-11 8:08am View    
Just a suggestion : It would be nice if we post some inline comments along with the links. Thank you.
Arun Jacob 28-Sep-11 7:53am View    
Please post this as Comments instead of a solution. Thank you for your time.
Arun Jacob 22-Sep-11 5:40am View    
Your question is not clear. It would be great if you give more details.