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Maarten Kools 1-Jun-22 4:08am View    
But is there a real difference in implementation? Because I skimmed through the code, and the only obvious difference I can see is that the HttpRequestStreamReader rents a buffer from the pool, while the StreamReader just creates a new buffer. So I assume this alleviates memory pressure. Aside from that, it reads a stream, and doesn't seem to care where the stream comes from.
Maarten Kools 21-Mar-18 1:18am View    
$_GET gives you access to the variables passed through the URL. If these are not defined, you'll get this notice. I don't know what you're doing to send the values to the server, but I would assume these are send through a form. And in that case you'll probably want to use $_POST, which gives you access to the POST variables.
Maarten Kools 20-Mar-18 18:26pm View    
oh, so it's on the first split probably. Try
Maarten Kools 20-Mar-18 18:02pm View    
What's your syntax error? Not sure if you're actually doing it (your code isn't formatted in your question), but you need to indent the code block for the for loop, see also
Maarten Kools 20-Mar-18 17:40pm View    
TagLib# is still around, Doesn't matter if it's dated I suppose, the standards are still supported.