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Comments by guayasen_o (Top 5 by date)

guayasen_o 18-Aug-12 19:57pm View    
OK, thanks, i will try to learn a little bit about XML (an another things).
Seems is not possible to try help here using incorrect words.
guayasen_o 10-Aug-12 23:35pm View    
wich format u use on the XML? Is custom format or standard from any program?
guayasen_o 15-Dec-10 5:55am View    
I think this is a good solution, may be you have to add an order statement.

select dat from(select dat from temp13 where upper(dat) =lower(dat)) A
union all
select dat from(
select dat from temp13 where upper(dat) <>lower(dat)) B
guayasen_o 9-Dec-10 11:15am View    
sorry, i dont understand what u need in the output. Can u xplain it a bit?
guayasen_o 9-Dec-10 10:34am View    
why u cant use and standard update SQL sentence?