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Comments by Robymon (Top 40 by date)

Robymon 12-Oct-18 14:02pm View    
i tried this, button when we click "Yes" it won't proceed to next code. it stops and go to page load event.
Robymon 12-Oct-18 13:54pm View    
sorry, this is just an example mentioned in the question. i need to validate from database with different types of database validations and save only when the user clicks "Yes" button.
Robymon 12-Oct-18 13:38pm View    
i am not using MVC
Robymon 21-Mar-18 10:43am View    
wa.Connect(); failes, That means it checks with Mobile Number and the IMEI Number.
Robymon 27-Feb-17 14:22pm View    
i did that part, but don't know how to decompress from FTP folder and display that document in the browser.