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Comments by LloydA111 (Top 80 by date)

LloydA111 24-Sep-12 20:54pm View    
Thanks for the 1 vote. You are still not being very clear, which parameters are you changing? Baud rate etc?
LloydA111 18-Aug-12 15:04pm View    
Thanks for the help there! MSDN never seems to come up in Google search, which is probably why I never found it. Thanks again though, I will look into it.
LloydA111 17-Jun-11 17:36pm View    
You did not provide a link :P
LloydA111 15-Jun-11 16:18pm View    
Does the printer not have the option of changing paper size?
LloydA111 16-Apr-11 16:55pm View    
Why can it still not run?