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I.explore.code 21-Nov-13 5:07am View    
are u saying you don't know how to use classes and objects? Or instantiate/create references to classes? If yes, then i would recommend reading up on OOP a little...
I.explore.code 5-Aug-13 5:16am View    
can you put the rest of page mark-up on here as well? i have just tried with your code and it seems to work..something else must be amiss.
I.explore.code 5-Aug-13 4:18am View    
have you tried Googling for this? i would be surprised if you did but didn't get any relevant results. This is a pretty common problem and has hundreds of posts on the matter. Obviously your DropDownList is meant to be "trigger" (hint).
I.explore.code 24-Apr-13 6:50am View    
did you put a breakpoint on that line and see whats null? unfortunately, CodeProject doesn't have the feature to put a breakpoint on code posted on here!
I.explore.code 24-Apr-13 6:44am View    
generally, MS Office won't be or shouldn't be installed on servers so my solution is independent of Interop. What if you deploy your website to a server that doesn't allow installing office? your functionality won't work. don't make your application dependent on things like interop.