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Comments by Khaniya (Top 76 by date)

Khaniya 31-Oct-11 0:40am View    
thanks Mark
Khaniya 19-Sep-11 14:57pm View    
not very clear, Let me try. You have written code to insert user Id/Group and Department to document library. do You want to delete it from that document library without any code? Is it same what you want?
Khaniya 19-Sep-11 14:20pm View    
Hey John, thanks for your answer. I am not using ~/ClientBin/MySilverlightModule.xap" file as there is no web application and database even. There are two project in my solution 1. Silverlight application and 2. Sharepoint Visual Webpart project. I have given reference of silverlight application's ouput .xap file to module in webpart. Can you advice me what is wrong I am doing here?
Khaniya 19-Sep-11 14:10pm View    
I am not very clear with your question. Let me try, First of all you said "CreateChildControl execute randomly", I think this is wrong information. CreateChildControl only runs once when webpart is created.
Please give us more information with sample code if possible
Khaniya 28-Jun-11 23:53pm View    
Thanks Mark for your valuable comments