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Comments by ormonds (Top 32 by date)

ormonds 7-Mar-22 7:50am View    
Thank you. Now I get it.
ormonds 7-Mar-22 2:32am View    
Thank you. However I also have a number of other methods, each of which needs to update textBox1.text on form report.
Is it possible to make the form and its controls global?
ormonds 19-Jan-22 22:55pm View    
Thank you, I'm sure you are right. I'll keep looking.
ormonds 19-Jan-22 21:07pm View    
Yes, I did have it as one method, but when it failed split in (for now) into two methods.
There are no container controls on these tabpages so the method needn't be recursive.
I understand that the visual state won't change each step, but when I debug and watch the variable c.Enabled it changes when being set to false in the first method, but not when being set to true in the second method.
ormonds 19-Jan-22 21:02pm View    
Thanks, yes, that was where I started but if I do that then the user can't select each tabpage and see the (disabled) controls. So I changed to simply disabling the controls on each tabpage so that at least they can be seen.
If the user clicks an "Edit" button they are enabled, or are meant to be.