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ormonds 19-Jun-23 1:32am View    
Yes, that is why I said that I have asked Sonos and had no reply. I therefore asked the question as a more generic one - what places might they have saved this detail.
ormonds 18-Jun-23 23:20pm View    
Thanks, but not there. I've looked at every file on both drives which has "Sonos" in its name.
ormonds 7-Mar-22 7:50am View    
Thank you. Now I get it.
ormonds 7-Mar-22 2:32am View    
Thank you. However I also have a number of other methods, each of which needs to update textBox1.text on form report.
Is it possible to make the form and its controls global?
ormonds 19-Jan-22 22:55pm View    
Thank you, I'm sure you are right. I'll keep looking.