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Comments by Brian C Hart (Top 30 by date)

Brian C Hart 27-Mar-21 12:47pm View    
@Richard - actually I have found the issue. I am using PostSharp[^] v6.9.3 in my project. When I decorate the offending method with their [Log(AttributeExclude = true)] attribute, which suppresses weaving for this method, then the issue goes away.

However, I hate to have to think that it will be necessary to disable this for all my code's methods that early-return!
Brian C Hart 22-Feb-19 9:05am View    
Hi Gerry,

Thank you for the idea. However, I am unclear as to whether your proposed solution would meet my needs (sorry, I don't know WPF and I am not clear if I ever will program in it, I am a WinForms guy).

Did you have a chance to look at the picture in my question as to what I am specifically looking for?

I am just concerned that the code you supplied would put a little tiny blue doughnut on the screen in place of the "arrow" mouse cursor -- which I know how to do already -- however, I am specifically looking for those fun "dots" and that look exactly like the Winlogon screen's version.

I am convinced that it's gotta be buried in the OS somewhere as a control. But if I am wrong, I really do not have the foggiest as to how to replicate it.

So, I appreciate your help very much, however, it's not what I am looking for.
Brian C Hart 13-Aug-18 14:58pm View    
Ravi, what Richard means is, can you please copy and paste the specific error, exception message, or stack trace that you are getting. Then we can be more helpful.
Brian C Hart 26-Feb-18 11:42am View    
Don't patronize me, I am a fellow developer just like you and I have been using that funny little search site like Google etc. Just thought the Code Project community might have some suggestions. I am used to how it is like with Windows Forms, where you can use a drag and drop Designer in the IDE to put together your GUI and then you wire it up to code. I am not ignorant, just lazy :-)
Brian C Hart 28-Sep-16 15:16pm View    
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Totally useless content detailing something that is quite obvious how to do.

Also, written very unintelligibly, so it's hard to make out the communication. The pictures are a plus...probably the article's only saving grace.

Moreover, the article fails to go over any code examples or how to utilize the EntityFramework package once it's installed.