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Comments by Anurag Gandhi (Top 53 by date)

Anurag Gandhi 15-Apr-21 4:04am View    

Provided both the lists are of same List<t> type.
Anurag Gandhi 27-Oct-20 16:33pm View    
Try position: fixed;
Anurag Gandhi 8-Aug-20 5:35am View    
Great!! Someone trying to get their homework done here. But, I like the way you helped. :)
Anurag Gandhi 8-May-20 22:48pm View    
I suggest to use ORM or Micro ORM like EntityFramework or Dapper for Database communication. That way you can avoid hand written query and your ORM tool will take care of query syntax.
Anurag Gandhi 5-May-20 3:55am View    
Just search SQL interview questions and you will get loads of topics/ideas/questiosn to cover. Then, practice those queries/concepts.