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Comments by Mike Hankey (Top 179 by date)

Mike Hankey 30-May-24 7:26am View    
Thanks Pete...old dog, new tricks. :)
Learned something new.
Mike Hankey 6-May-24 10:15am View    
Start in and work out; example) type(text) returns "string" => len("string") = 5
Mike Hankey 31-Mar-24 21:38pm View    
Thanks Graeme that's what I ended up doing.

I've been using WPF in a couple of apps but not really learning much about Styles and Templates, only simple stuff. I ordered a book today and plan on really learning it so hopefully won't be asking many more rookie questions. :)
Mike Hankey 31-Mar-24 18:05pm View    
Yes, I've been searching for some time on this problem and finally found the answer. Ended up it was a ControlTemplate problem, as I thought and it is working now. Thanks for the feedback.
Mike Hankey 27-Mar-24 13:02pm View    
Have you tried google?