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Chris Copeland 3 days ago View    
What does "not behaving as expected" mean? You haven't provided any HTML code or the corresponding CSS, nor have you explained what's happening. Please use the Improve question button and add more details.
Chris Copeland 3 days ago View    
Once you've made the initial API call, couldn't you just use regular expressions on your side of the code (PHP) to do the secondary filtering? Ie. find all matches via the API with "CEO" or "OWNER", and then loop through the results and remove any that have the "junior", "assistant" or "president" terms?
Chris Copeland 21-Mar-23 7:24am View    
I have plenty of questions about this, as this does not seem like a good solution. However, my main concern is how are you using the numofrecords variable in your GetRecordsInTask method? I get the feeling you're spawning 7 threads, where #1 loads 0 records, #2 loads 100000 records, #3 loads 200000 etc..
Chris Copeland 7-Mar-23 9:39am View    
"Make sure that you read this question throughly, and give your decent code answer."
I'm sorry but that comes off as incredibly rude, I think between the solution I've provided and almost the exact same answer on the Microsoft forum you should have all of the information you need to accomplish what you want.

Remember that neither we at CodeProject or on the Microsoft forums are code-providing services, we will simply give you the information and tools necessary to achieve what you need to. I think I've done more than enough to try and help here and I don't particularly appreciate being told to read more carefully nor be expected to provide a complete working solution.
Chris Copeland 7-Mar-23 8:27am View    
Here is an example .NET Fiddle[^] which gives a very, very rough idea of how it could work. The rest is up to you!