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Comments by Vaclav_ (Top 35 by date)

Vaclav_ 22-Jul-20 17:15pm View    
Why should I accept my own "answer"? Let's not get too hang up on procedures. So if you obviously look at the answer, why don't you save ( my ) time and accept it?
Vaclav_ 20-Jul-20 22:11pm View    
Sorry, no dustbin in original post, just in "Solutions". Do not want to do something upsetting to the forum by deleting them.
Vaclav_ 13-Jul-20 8:19am View    
maybe , just maybe , it would help (YOU) to for once to read THE WHOLE SENTENCE. To continue to write stupid comments does not help ANYBODY. Find a different way to entertain yourself - may I suggest stamp collecting or basket weaving.
Vaclav_ 10-May-20 12:36pm View    
So me admitting that I did not post it the way people will interpret it as " why is the printf not executed" is my fault. Sorry , it is not my fault if people do not read REQUIRED " what did you try " unless I post "I did ask Mrs Google..." Give me a break. I do not ask to read in-between line, but (for) simple analysis....
Vaclav_ 10-May-20 11:44am View    
Sorry folks, but the question was "why not all printf are executed?" . I did not spell it out correctly. It is not question of clearing / flushing, but question is why is it not executed in first place. "I am using multiple printf because when I used only one there is NO output at all."