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Comments by Ajay Vijayvargiya (Top 46 by date)

Ajay Vijayvargiya 8-Dec-14 2:00am View    
Reason for my vote of 1 \n No detail
Ajay Vijayvargiya 4-Jan-12 1:20am View    
Becauase the OP doesn't know only 'new' will call the constructor, and 'malloc' won't call it. And therefore `std::map` doesnt get initialized, and hence the crash.
Ajay Vijayvargiya 5-May-11 22:57pm View    
Well, that simply means the EXE should have .LIB file with it, OR the DLL would load the function dynamically using GetProcAddress. I would prefer a callback function, which would be imported from DLL, and EXE would call that function, passing the address (name) of the function in EXE.
Ajay Vijayvargiya 2-May-11 10:13am View    
I agree with you Stefan. But when asked "platform dependent language", obvious answer would be C/C++, and when asked "PI language", Java would come out. A Java compiler produces byte-code, and therefore it can be executed on compliant JVM without any changes - the same binary can be shipped to multiple platforms. But that's not possible with C++ - it is native binary. And that's the reason languages are categorized.
Ajay Vijayvargiya 2-May-11 8:17am View    
Please control your emotions and specially you Language. I am not a Java guy, but a hardcore C++ guy. Do check the profile of before making such kind of abusive statement.