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Comments by Nelek (Top 200 by date)

Nelek 5-Mar-23 5:10am View    
Trying to camuflate spam as solution...
Nelek 26-Feb-23 14:23pm View    
[Nitpicky mode on]
why did you not edit your previous answer instead of posting a second message?
[Nitpicky mode off]
Nelek 26-Feb-23 14:20pm View    
Nelek 22-Jan-23 4:26am View    
Because it was most probably not folloging the rules of the site and got deleted.
Nelek 19-Sep-22 5:11am View    
your answer was catched by the spam filter and I have let it through. It is indeed an old question, but I think your message might be useful, that's why I accepted it.

But... please don't start searching for similar questions to just post your link, because that might be considered site driving (trying to divert traffic to the own page) and it is not desired.

P.S. Don't repost so many times the same text, just be a bit patient until someone let it through or the filter doesn't tag your messages anymore.